About Us

MAHAVEER EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST, since 2017, has been working towards helping children to meet their dreams. We as an organization believe that children shouldn’t be denied their rights because of where they were born.

The problems of poverty, illiteracy and homelessness seem to fall hardest on the children of migratory families, these families struggle to find basic child care and nutrition let alone guarantee an education for their children. In our experience, most parents tend to become helpless and hopeless while others settle for very mean options, some parents even turn violent and abusive; leaving these children in spaces they don’t feel safe.

Three meticulously designed verticals achieve this goal- Income Generation, Child Development, and Educational Sponsorship. Each of these programs is evidence based and closely monitored. We ensure that every child who calls MAHAVEER EDUCATIONAL home is reaching their full potential.

Our Vision

We aim to preserve family by meeting their needs through community programs. We aspire to develop these programs and reach the wider migrant communities of India, bringing awareness and advocacy to this population.

Our Mission

To preserve and provide a sustainable environment for healthy mothers, children and families by providing Nutrition, Education and Counseling.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To prevent child abandonment.
  • To preserve family by meeting their needs through community programs.
  • To prevent child labour.
  • To educate communities on the importance of education.
  • To encourage and empower girls towards education and promote gender equality.
  • To promote a healthy family system.